Strength & COnditioning

Strength & Conditioning Program

Five month in-season program tailored to make your athlete stronger, faster and more resilient in their sport. The program will begin October 5th, 2020 and run until February 26th, 2020, consisting of two training sessions a week for a total of 37 sessions. Training sessions will be broken down by age group. For example, squirt/peewee group, advanced level peewee players/Bantam group. The program will focus on progressing the athlete every month and presenting challenges every month. The athletes will be tested every month in the core fundamental movements


Strength is never a bad thing to possess no matter the sport. Strength comes with confidence, an increased belief in oneself, faster on and off the ice, a harder shot, stronger on your skates and the ability to get into the dirty areas of the game.


Just like you can train to be faster, you can also train to be slower. We will focus on the 10 yard dash, broad jump, 5-10-5 and a variety of agility drills to monitor the athlete's speed. Every sprinting drill be detail orientated to get the most out of the athlete's stride and proper mechanics to their sport. We want our athletes leaving the program faster on and off the ice. Remember, speed could be what helps you win or lose a game and we want winners.


At the end of the day, performance is the goal. We want our athletes to be able to perform better in their respective sport. We want to receive an athlete baseline, improve their performance and watch them walk out of the program feeling as if they learned something, pushed themselves and had fun.

Program Information

Instruction & Curriculum Leading the program will JJ Santagata. JJ is the Head Coach/Strength and Conditioning coach of Ames High School hockey. JJ has spent the last 2.5 years working with 9-18 year old athletes helping them become better players, teammates and individuals. JJ is a certified strength coach through ISSA and CPPS, as well he is a certified Functional Strength coach and Youth Training coach through CFSC. JJ spent his playing time on Long Island, New York and all across the East Coast. He graduated from Rider University where he was the captain of the Men's Ice Hockey team until he arrived in Ames in July of 2019. 

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