Strength & Conditioning Program

Solid Athletic Performance in the game of hockey requires multiple skill sets for players to be successful. Players need strength, power, speed (acceleration and deceleration), quickness, stability, and mobility to properly execute on the ice. Combining all of these skill sets into a properly designed training program will help players develop muscle groups to help decrease the risk of injury, as well as improve their overall athletic performance. All off-ice activities and drills will be intentional and focused to improve agility, footwork, leg strength, core strength, speed and explosiveness. These modes of training will be challenging, fun, and most importantly, age-appropriate to ensure safety.

Throughout the year, off-ice programs will be offered to maximize Athletic Performance on and off the ice. Playing the game of hockey down low, with proper knee bend, allows your player to be more explosive, more agile, and faster. Examples of exercises to improve include, but are not limited to; box jumps, agility ladders, plyometric activities, and bounding will be incorporated into the regimen based on the time of year. In-season will be more reps with less load to maintain and promote muscle recovery. Off-season training will develop the base and core of the athlete, to make your player stronger and faster for their desired sport.


Training to be faster means you have to train that way. Just like the game of hockey is often times about short bursts of speed, training that way will improve your athletes’ ability to get to speed and improve confidence while competing. Focusing on these explosive movements will engage muscle memory and decrease the risk of injury.


As defined, strength is the quality or state of being physically strong. Not only will we work to develop your physical strength, but also your mental strength. Pushing you outside your comfort zone to enhance the parts of your body that will translate onto the ice. Core strength to absorb physical play, shoulder and arm strength to defend & shoot with, and leg strength to help provide a solid foundation.


Athletes will become proficient in various agility and plyometric drills to engage muscle groups and enhance the ability for quick change of direction. Hockey is a read and react sport. Stopping, starting, going left, going right, all while trying to defend or separate from your opponent requires the ability to be confident in your body to execute movements.


All wrapped up, PEAK PERFORMANCE is why we train, why we put in extra work, and why you are here. Working with the Top Shelf Hockey staff will increase confidence, boost performance, and Raise the Bar on YOUR game!

Program Information

Instruction & Curriculum will be held at IRIDIUM CrossFit in West Ames and led by a host of AMHA Coaches, including, but not limited to; Dave Elliston, Guan Wang, Brian Wierson and IRIDIUM CrossFit specialists.

Activities will be age appropriate, fun, and challenging.

  • Strength & Conditioning – Age appropriate exercises and drills will help develop your athlete into a stronger, faster, and more confident hockey player
  • Shooting – Players will work on age appropriate shots. Emphasis will be placed on proper technique and quick release while developing accuracy and velocity.
  • Stickhandling – Developing soft and quick hands with athletic stance while keeping your eyes up, knees bent and butt down will translate into on-ice skill & confidence.

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