The Top Shelf Hockey Academy was an excellent experience for my 9-year old Son.

The combination of dryland exercises, shooting, & stickhandling were a perfect way to fulfill my son’s hockey appetitive during the off-season. I’ve attended many hockey camps as a player & parent & find it hard to believe that you can find one worth more bang for the buck

AMHA Parent, Rod Jones

We saw a drastic difference in his abilities and more importantly.... his confidence.

This was our sons first year playing on a team. He has participated in house games for the last 5 years but has had no real training. This year was quite a struggle for him to fit in and to keep up. We signed him up for the Top Shelf skating camp to keep him on the ice as much as possible. This camp was exactly what he needed. We saw a drastic difference in his abilities and more importantly... his confidence. The drills were challenging yet fun and the coaches were motivating. He didn’t want the camp to end. Even though we live an hour and a half away, we know that Top Shelf is well worth the drive. Not every victory shows up on the scoreboard and seeing his confidence soar was a true victory for us.

Parent, Deidra Rattay

top shelf hockey is on a MISSION to ...

have fun

Having fun is why we are here! Success in youth sports does not need to be driven by winning. It's always more fun to win, but learning how to have fun while competing with the fiercest competitor (YOU) will drive what's most important and that is to 
Getting that taste of putting in the work and seeing it payoff in competition will turn into FUN!


We will provide athletes the ability to improve their overall performance. This will take a competitive mindset and the fortitude to step outside your comfort zone! Taking your game to a higher level is up to you! Asking "what's next" and facing challenges with a determined attitude can allow you to perform at a higher level - Level Up!

be your best

Being YOUR best can be shown in many ways. Being your best with TOP SHELF means you are a strong student, a positive teammate, a hard player to play against, a good listener, just to name a few. Top Shelf Hockey believes LEADERS ARE MADE, not born, and by committing to being YOUR BEST, you are already developing leadership skills to serve you well!