Skills Development Camp

Top Shelf Skills Development Camps

Experienced Coaches will work with players to improve and sharpen skills, specifically POWER SKATING & SKILLS DEVELOPMENT. The ability of individual players is important and will be a factor, but “can-do” attitudes and "mental toughness" to step outside your comfort zone is what will matter most in our programs. 

Passing & Shooting

Players will work on age appropriate shooting and passing. Emphasis will be placed on proper technique, quick release and developing accuracy and velocity.


Players will work to develop soft and quick hands with proper athletic stance while keeping their head and eyes up, knees bent and butt down. As players develop confidence, the speed and agility at which they can do this will increase!

Athletic Performance

Athleticism is unique to each athlete, but getting into a routine of pre workout work-up and post workout cool down will allow for players to be most efficient. 

Program Information

Requirements are for each athlete to be signed up prior to arrival and all forms turned in to a specified administrator. All players, regardless of age and ability will be required to wear a hockey helmet with a hockey face mask in the shooting and stick handling areas. Hockey Gloves and Stick are required as well as proper workout attire. Sharing water bottles will not be allowed, bring your own forms of hydration fluid, ie. water, Gatorade, etc.

Expectations are for all athletes to understand and conduct themselves in a safe and controlled manner, which is the expectation for everyone! Rules are simple;


Foul language will not be tolerated and respect of the facility and each other will be expected at all times. As a Top Shelf activity, you can expect that we will challenge your athlete to exit their comfort zone and to push through some internal and perhaps external pain. Simply said, athletes will get out of this what they put into it. Teamwork, camaraderie and Raising the Bar will be emphasized on a daily basis.

Upcoming Programs

On-Ice Program
September 16 - October 30


A small group setting of like players to work on individual skills specifically skating, stick handling, passing & shooting. Ice will be split into quarters or thirds depending on numbers and ability levels. Experienced Coaches will work with players to improve and sharpen skills. Ability of players is important and will be a factor, but “can-do” attitudes and mental toughness to reach outside the comfort zone is what will matter most in this program.

Instruction to include 14 hours (14 sessions) of ice-time

Wednesday & Friday MORNINGS - September 16 - October 31

Time: 6:30am - 7:30am

Ames / ISU Ice Arena

Ages 6-18 - Squirt through High School
Mite players who have interest MUST communicate their interest in writing to for consideration to attend.

$285 is the full payment option for Players.
$300 is the 2 payment option for Players where the first half is due when Registering  and the other half is due prior to camp.
$250 is the Goalie fee where $150 is the deposit for Goalies to be considered and the other $100 due when accepted.

Limit of 6 Goalkeepers

Online Registration
On-Ice Program
TENTATIVE DAYS to improve: Sundays & Tuesdays or thursdays

Skills Development Series

Top Shelf Hockey Midwest is teaming up with Kiana Stadler with KJ Power Skating to offer a unique opportunity to work on both skating & skills development. Kiana will bring her expertise from years of competitive skating and coaching to work with and hone your players edges and stride to improve their quickness and efficiency on skates. In conjunction with skating, the Top Shelf Hockey staff will work on skills development to improve passing, shooting, and handling the puck at high rates of speed. The goal of the program is to push your player to exceed their comfort zone and find their next level ... LEVEL UP & RAISE THE BAR!

Tentative Days: Sundays / Tuesdays / Thursdays - ~March 19th - April 23rd

Time: 6:30am - 7:30am

Ames / ISU Ice Arena

Mite through Bantam

$290 & Includes: ## hours (## sessions) of ice-time over a #-week period and a Top Shelf Hockey jersey. New this year will be recorded sessions with feedback from Coaches for all to improve. 

Instructors will include, but are not limited to:

Kiana Stadler - A U.S. Figure Skating quadruple gold medalist with 15 years of competitive figure skating throughout the Midwest. Kiana is currently a figure skating and hockey power skating coach and works with the AMHA High School team.

Rebekah Stickfort - A U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist with 15 years coaching experience as well as 13 years competitive figure skating experience. Rebekah is currently a hockey and figure skating coach in both individual and group settings. She specializes in power skating and has worked with Learn-to-Play through Bantam players over the past 5 years with AMHA. 

Brian Wierson – Former Cyclone Hockey Asst. & High School Head Coach of Ames, Brian has worked extensively with Power Skating and Overspeed instructors at various camps and clinics over the past 25 years. Brian is a ’92 Grad of AMHA.

Andrew Murdoch – An Ames, IA native, Andrew played collegiately with Cyclone Hockey. He spent time in Sweden while in high school as well as Canadian Jr. hockey in Manitoba. Andrew currently helps instruct the AMHA Squirt players.

Brent Swanson – Also an Ames, IA native, Brent played in the Central States Junior Hockey League and collegiately in Vermont and Minnesota. He has coached at every youth hockey level, Wisconsin High School Hockey as well as skills clinics with current Professional and Division 1 hockey players. Brent is currently wrapping up his 14th year of coaching.

Top Shelf Hockey – Power Skating & Skills Development – Session #1 Schedule is TBD



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